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Indoor Air Quality Testing & Inspection Services

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Charlottesville reveals visible mold

TJL Environmental Health Consultants, Inc. provides a variety of indoor air quality testing services (IAQ testing) throughout the central Virginia area. Our region stretches from Charlottesville to as far as Richmond, Culpeper, Harrisonburg and Lynchburg. We provide Indoor Air Quality assessments and testing in homes and businesses for a wide range of contaminants that can cause serious medical problems. Our services include:

  • Indoor Air Quality Testing and evaluation of buildings with possible IAQ problems
  • COVID-19 (coronavirus) testing and air exchange rate measurements
  • Measurement of carbon dioxide levels, volatile organic compounds, molds, bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens or chemical contaminants within indoor air streams
  • Evaluation of IAQ engineering company qualifications
  • Evaluation of IAQ or mold remediation company qualifications
  • Assisting in the design of corrective actions for air quality remediation and IAQ problem resolution
  • Monitoring activities targeting bacteria remediation, and other IAQ problem remediation including chemical contaminant remediation
  • Indoor Air Quality consulting

Indoor Air Quality and Other Indoor Contaminents

The EPA Science Advisory Board rated indoor air pollutants (except radon) as the third highest in their list of environmental risks.

The various chemicals found in unclean air, include but are not limited to carbon monoxide, nitrates, and sulfur dioxide. These chemicals are the main catalysts causing varying degrees of diseases. This is aside from the pollutants emitted from secondhand smoke, pets, molds, yeast, pollen and bacteria throughout the home.

To learn more about our Indoor Air Quality Services including mold testing and mold inspections, contact us in Charlottesville at 434-962-8721.

Visit the Environmental Protection Agency website for more information about indoor air quality.