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What Is Non-friable Asbestos?

<Asbestos in Roanoke ceiling and floor tiles

Non-friable ACM include products in which the asbestos fibers are locked or bound into a non-asbestos matrix such as cement, vinyl, or paint.

Is Non-Friable ACM Dangerous?

These materials are less dangerous than friable ACM since minor disturbance usually does not result in fiber release. However, these materials should be considered “potentially” friable since any activity such as cutting, drilling into, sanding, etc., non-friable ACM could cause them to become friable.

Examples of Non-friable Asbestos Containing Materials

  • Vinyl asbestos floor tile and sheeting
  • Asbestos-cement (Transite) board, duct, or pipe
  • Asbestos-containing adhesive, patching, paint and drywall

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